Blog # 1: That Awkward Moment

Title: That Awkward Moment
Director and Written by: Tom Gormican
Actors: Zac Effron,  Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Imogen Poots, Makenzie Davis and Jessica Lucas

Story:  The movie was about a group of guys who are best-friends but has different views when it comes to relationships.  Two of the guys are indeed in the thought that it’s OK to create a list of girls you sleep with while the other one is faithfully in love and happy with his marriage life until he ends finding that his wife is sleeping with another man.  Three groups of friends who has different version of how relationship works and finding out how a real relationship is at the end of the movie.

Plot:  The movie started with a voice over on one of the main character Zac Effron.  Zac is siting on a chair patiently waiting for something or someone.  Then the voice over began to explain how he ended up on that situation.  The movie focuses on the three main characters of male who believes in different values when it comes into a relationship.  One who is happy with marriage but secretly being cheated on by his wife.  The second character who is secretly dating a friend but does not want to introduce or reveal to his friends about his relationship status.  And one who is scared to commit due to a pack that he believed they had but in reality who is scared to commit.  The characters undergoes into variety of hardship, joy, confusion and even at a verge of breaking their friendship due to moments that they thought it won’t happen to them.  At the end each characters were able to find the real meaning of relationship and learned how awkward some of the moments they had during those period of time.

Conclusion. The story starts to flow in chronological order to where the director showcase the story in a fashion where the audience would want to know where their friendship will go and they will change regarding their beliefs in relationships as the movie progresses.  The reason why I loved this movie and wanted to write about it is because it reminded me of how I was back in


Movie Trailer:


Nell Minow (2014).That Awkward Moment. Website:



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