In a movie, sound is one of the most important aspects. Reason being is that music or sounds catches the attention of the audience. It allows the brain to get a glimpse of the seen before it happens. For example, before scary scene comes up majority of the time there is an eerie or frightening music. It also always the audience to feel like there a part of the scene, for example when fighting scene comes up there’s sometimes a sound effect or background music to portray where the person is being hit or how bad the damage is. A sound is a very big part of a movie and there are various elements to it.

            There are various elements like dialogue, sounds effect, background music and more. One that hit to mind when it came to sounds is Tarzan. This movie had all the elements when it came down to sounds. The movie started off with amazing opening songs that were composed by famous Mark Mancina and Phil Collins. When it came to sound effects, the director used real instruments, an orchestra to showcase the ability of people on how they can produce sounds in an instrument. The produced sounds for jungle environment, the fight scene with the jaguar and the war between Tarzan’s group and Clayton’s army. Tarzan was an animated film yet the sound that produced and used for this movie was impeccable that it blend in and acquired the attention of people around. Tarzan was a movie for kids and what better way to get their attention? Lively and catchy music. Without the music in the movie it can offset the possibility of understanding the move and connecting to it. Music produces variable effect to the film and audience. It is important to have sounds in order to achieve quality movies



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