The Wolf of Wall Street

I always believe that a great movie can only be as good as who are in it. Actors in films play a huge role when it comes to creating names for the movie. The bigger the actors in the industries the more popular it can get. A lot of times people will just go watch the movie because that actor is in it. It doesn’t matter if the show was terrible, people will still go and watch because there are this thing called loyal fans. People who will watch whatever that actor have played on. When talking about actors there are various types of categories we can classify them. There are impersonator, interpreter, personality, wild card and character. A film that I can picture when talking about various categories of actor is the film The Wolf of Wall Street. The three actors that I want to talk about are Leonardo De Carpeo who is the Interpreter, Jonah Hill the wild card and Matthew McConaughey the star. Leonardo De Carpeo is pretty well for his daring roles from Titanic or Django Unchained. I classified him as the interpreter for the roles he had play from previous movies. He can play various types especially in this movie he played as a rich, addicted and wild businessman and he played it well. The movie stared with him sniffing drug a female’s anal and there was also a part where he was trying to land a helicopter while under the influence of drugs. Next is Jonah Hill, the wild card. Jonah Hill for me is a wild card because we all know that he is a great comedian yet here in this movie he portrayed a different type of actor. Here he was funny yet he showed a new face that people didn’t knew he had. He played a Leo’s best friend. There was a scene where during the party he practically strip down and shook his dick out in public. That is something that he never did before in any of his film. Last actor is Matthew McConaughey. Let’s face it people are a die-hard fan of this man. Regardless whether he played a small part on this movie, people went and watch this film because they love him. He is a big star. Among this three actors, Jonah intrigues me the most because normally you would see him in a more light comedy type movie but in this film it was like a 360. This shows that this actor has more to offer than just to make people. He wants to show the other side of him and how diverse he can be. There are various categories of actors out there. It all depends on how people perceive them to where to classify them as actors.


Watch The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) Full Runtime Movie Megashare Online Streaming Instantly Free. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 May




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